Texan LLC Service

A Texas LLC is the perfect entity for small businesses and companies who want asset protection without the hassle of corporate formalities. Compared to corporations, limited liability companies are:

  • Simpler to form
  • Easier to manage
  • Less complicated tax-wise

The Secretary of State charges $310 to form an LLC. Typical processing is three to five business days.

Let Us Form Your Texas LLC Today!

Our Texas LLC formation package takes care of every aspect of setting up your limited liability company in Texas.

For $200 (plus state fees), we will file your Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State and follow up to ensure your filing is processed correctly.

Why Our Legal Texas LLC Service is Better:

  • We work quickly to process your Certificate of Formation
  • We follow up with the Secretary of State to make sure your filing is processed right
  • We have no additional filing fees, hidden fees, or upcharges
  • We let you use our commercial address on filings to keep your address private
  • We provide Texas registered agent service you can rely on
  • We send you regular updates on Franchise Tax Reports and compliance requirements
  • We scan your service of process and legal correspondence into your digital account same-day
  • We give you access to our database of pre-filled Texas filing forms so you can save money

When you order a Texas LLC formation, we will prepare and file your order. You can also request a customized operating agreement, EIN, meeting minutes, and LLC membership certificates.

Texas LLC Formation Service Includes:

  • Faster, simpler formation process (sign up in under five minutes)
  • Instant access to online client account
  • Easily add future filings from your digital account
  • DIY filing guides so you can save money if you want to
  • Same day document scans of all your service of process and legal correspondence
  • Customized service (you tell us how we can best serve your LLC)
  • Real Texas business experts you can call and talk to anytime

Want to get started on your forms now? We even provide a fillable PDF of Texas Articles of Organization that you can begin filling out now, and even return to later. When you’re done, you can still hire us to complete the filing with the state, or file on your own.

Texas LLC Maintenance and Annual Fees

There is not an annual report for Texas LLCs, but a Franchise Tax Report is required each year. An LLC must pay .75% of gross receipts over $1,110,000 (.375% for retailers and wholesalers). The Franchise Tax Report is due every May 15. Failure to file will result in a $50 penalty, as well as a five-percent increase on the tax due. After 30 days, another five-percent increase is added.

Submitted with the Franchise Tax Report is the annual Public Information Report. While no additional fees are assessed for the PIR, it is a lengthy and complex filing.

Order Your Texas LLC Today

For $605 total (including registered agent service and all state fees), we’ll take care of everything for you!